Environment and Agriculture

Tajik Geologists Discover Raw Materials for Industrial Aluminum

Tajikistan Geologists opened a deposit of quartz sand and fire-proof clay in the foothills of the Hissar mountains. 

-- 04/29 >>>

Eco-Group Releases First Ever Environmental Ranking of Russian Regions

In time for Earth Day, Russian organization Green Patrol released a first of a kind rating on the environmental condition of 75 subjects of the Russian Federation. -- 04/29 >>>

European Parliament Calls for Greater Support of Chernobyl Relief Effort in Belarus

The European Parliament urged the European community to bolster its support for Chernobyl relief efforts in Belarus at a special meeting convened at the suggestion of prominent Belarusian researcher, Yury Bandazhewski. -- 04/29 >>>

Agriculture Ministry: Kazakhstan’s Wheat Export Ban Won’t Harm Azerbaijan

According to Mamed Huseynov, deputy chief of the department of regulation of state food reserves and food security of the Ministry of Agriculture of Azerbaijan, the embargo on wheat export imposed by Kazakhstan will not influence prices on grain in Azerbaijan. -- 04/29 >>>

KAZAKHSTAN: Government Promises Aid to Flooded Regions

The government of Kazakhstan has promised to provide 500 million tenge for humanitarian aid and reconstruction in the wake of intense flooding in three regions of Southern Kazakhstan on February 21, which destroyed 300 buildings and damaged nearly 3,000. -- 02/26 >>>

Russia to Pay Kazakhstan for Damages from Fallen Proton Booster

Russia is to compensate Kazakhstan 291.8 million tenge ($2.43 million) for the environmental damage resulting from the crash of the booster rocket Proton-M. -- 01/31 >>>

KYRGYZSTAN : Seismologist Warnings Ignored By Authorities

Before the earthquakes that hit Kyrgyzstan in December and January, Kyrgyz seismologists issued warnings about the danger of the approaching disasters, including a personal appeal from the director of the Institute of Seismology in the Academy of Sciences, Kanatbek Abdrakhmatov, to the recently named Premier, Igor Chudinov, two days before the earthquakes in Osh. -- 01/31 >>>

KAZAKHSTAN: Emergency around Caspian Dead Seals Exacerbates

The number of dead seals in the Kazakh portion of the Caspian Sea has increased dramatically. -- 05/03 >>>

UKRAINE: Chernobyl Conservation Lagging Significantly

The timeline for environmental cleanup work in Chernobyl, the site of the nuclear power plant disaster, has been pushed back by five to seven years. This is despite the fact that funding for the project has almost twice exceeded original estimations. -- 04/02 >>>

TURKMENISTAN: Petrochemical and Agricultural Products In High Demand Abroad

Products of petrochemical and agricultural sectors of Turkmenistan are the ones in most demanded among foreign merchants, the Turkmenistan.ru was informed by the press office of the Turkmen Commodities and Raw Materials Exchange. -- 03/08 >>>